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STORY – EnghavenRom


The story of Enghaven Rome beginning in the early 1800s. Denmark and Norway are still assembled in one kingdom. The Danish king have bet on the wrong horse in England’s wars against Napoleonic France, and include as punishment for this is England gone to war against Denmark in 1801 and the 1807th

In 1807 bombaderer British Copenhagen and erobrerer subsequent large parts of the Danish-Norwegian fleet. Denmark, which for centuries has been a European naval superpower, is now left to let private ships and companies carry the proud fleet work. Therefore plays kapervæsenet (king-licensed piracy) a significant role in the Danish efforts in part to embarrass the British, partly to compensate for the lost revenue a missing Navy gave.

Without the Danish fleet to threaten them, sailing British merchant ships without any protection in the Danish-Norwegian waters, and it gives Danish-Norwegian privateers ample opportunity to attack, tables and loot the British ships. It will be the start of a year-long guerrilla naval war against the British.

The pirate

One of these king-authorized privateers are Christian Boldsen. And Ball’s story is like something out of a pirate story where the hero defies the odds and reason and follows his courage and his heart – and wins.

Boldsen write themselves into the history of Denmark since he is chief of geleasen “Helene Charlotte.” The year is 1808. The place is the waters between Fladstrand (today Frerikshavn) and Skagen.
Under cover of darkness and the strong crosswind is “Helene Charlotte” attacked by a Swedish kaberskib.ship
The fight is odd and short, and Boldsen has seen his captain and most of his crew go crestfallen and battered about in the Swedish kaperskib. He himself, a sailor, a Marine virgin and a Vendsyssel civil passenger is aboard. They, together with the Swedish attackers sail the hijacked Danish ship against Swedish port. But that should not go. Devil take namely by Boldsen middle of Skagerrak. It’s been about a day ago sven Ken assault – and now the time seems to be there to turn back. The Swedish pirates, the last few hours slackened more and more security, and now arises the chance that Boldsen must take. Just as the moon
disappears behind a cloud, and the Swedish kaperskip front of them disappear into the darkness, beats for. It’s going to håndgemænd, but shortly after it is clear: “Helene Charlotte” is in Danish hands again. Boldsen orders the sailor and the ship’s boy to throw the Swedish weapons overboard while his self-binder and baster Swedish robbers.

Briefly considering the victorious Danish team on match carried over to the Swedish kaperskib. Boldsen cuts through. No. Their chances of victory are minimal. Instead he put the helm to port and disappear with “Helene Charlotte” before the Swedish kaperskib idea of ​​falsehood.
The early morning sun dimrer as Boldsen set course for the nearest friendly name: Risør on the Norwegian south coast near Kristiansand. Here surrenders his Swedish robbers to the Norwegian gendarmes. And soon spread the news of Ball’s farms themselves. Quite to Copenhagen.
Boldsen assigned the value of the cargo on “Helene Charlotte” for his glory. But more: He also receives the fine recognition as “Dannebrog man”. An honor given only the few. And only awarded by that king himself has acknowledged.
The pirate and Danish hero uses its recent wealth well and wisely. And in 1817, while Denmark has lost both Norway and its last crowns in the treasury, marry Christian Boldsen with widow Ane on the farm, Enghaven, near its fødestavn by Mellerup.

The legacy

Since we here at Enggården decided to submit to the distillery of alcohol in XXX, it was obvious that rum on the menu.

We would honor its unique history, and build on the virtues that Christian Boldsen showed that night in the Skagerrak – courage and determination – and the values Boldsen took with him when he chose to use his victory money to make Enghaven to a well-run farm: Hard work and pride in cultivating local produce.


Therefore, the local crops that are the core of Enghaven Rome. Seasoned with the purest of the purest cane molasses, 2. refined, taken directly from Brazil.
Therefore, we provide only rum produced with our participation in the whole process ‘from farm to fork’, so we can thereby ensure maximum flavor and aroma concentration in the final product.
Therefore we use besides fruit from their own orchard only fruit from selected small local fruit growers picked at just the right time as the starting point for fruit brandy.

We therefore focus on craftsmanship and quality rather than quantity, the highest standards of hygiene and traceability processes.
And therefore we use, of course, their own natural spring water leaping from Enghaven this dilution.
Enghaven Rome is the taste of the best of two worlds. Added history and a good røverhistore.